Handmade Leather WORKSHOP/ Leather Course in Istanbul

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First, let's start with what a workshop is. In our language, it is generally referred to as an "atölye," a gathering where a group of people works together on a project; you can also call it a "workshop." So, what is a leather workshop? It's an activity where you come to our workshop to create your handmade leather products.

Now, let me briefly introduce the person who conducts the workshop. My name is Mert, and I am an architect. I have been actively producing handmade leather products since 2015. Since 2018, I have been organizing workshop sessions to share my experiences. You can find more detailed information in this article: [Link provided].

Due to our prominent position in Google searches for terms like "leather workshop," "leather course," "workshop Istanbul," or "leather workshop," we receive a significant number of phone calls and emails throughout the day. Since many of the questions are similar, I decided to write this more comprehensive article, which I will explain in a question-answer format.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After registration, if you can't attend for any reason, you must notify us at least 3 days in advance; otherwise, your registration fee will be forfeited. For example, if there is an event tomorrow and you inform us that you can't attend, unfortunately, we won't provide a refund, and we won't reserve a spot for you on a later date. It's important to understand this because we often have high demand, and when we reserve a spot for one person who might not show up, we cannot accommodate other potential participants, which results in a loss for us. In summary, if you want to attend, we'll take your payment and secure your spot; if you don't show up, we consider it a missed opportunity. However, if there's an emergency, illness, or a personal issue, we can discuss it and work out a solution. In my experience, I've only had to forfeit one person's payment due to their disrespect; mutual understanding is all that's needed.


1- What is the content of the handmade leather workshop?

We start with how leather cutting should be done. We introduce the cutting tools and how to handle them, and then we teach how to make cuts. Next, we focus on preparation for sewing, teaching you the basics of how to sew, how to prepare for sewing, and how to take measurements on leather. You'll also practice these techniques while learning. Following this, we create a small stitched product to help you grasp these techniques better. From this point, we move on to making our final product, a single-compartment snap-fastened cardholder. Finally, we discuss where and how to obtain the necessary materials and tools, what you'll need, and what you won't need, and then the workshop concludes.

2- How long does the workshop last, and how many participants are there?

It typically lasts around 4-5 hours. I usually schedule workshops on Saturdays, but they can also be held on Sundays and weekdays. You can see the available dates by filling out the form. If you have a group of participants and want to arrange a workshop on a day of your choice, you can contact us at 545 429 86 99.

I usually have around 5-6 participants in the workshop. Sometimes there are only 3 participants, and other times there may be up to 10, but generally, we have around 5 participants.

3- Can we design and make our own product in the workshop?

Unfortunately, our workshop content does not include this. Designing is a complex process, and in this workshop, you'll learn the basics. You can think of it as learning to drive a car. In this workshop, you learn the fundamental aspects, such as where the gas pedal is, where the brake is, and how to change gears. Creating your own design is comparable to driving a manual vehicle in Istanbul traffic after work.

4- Where is your workshop located? Do you organize workshops outside the city?

Our workshop is located in Kartal, Istanbul (Yukarı Mahallesi Doğan Sokak 23C), just a 3-minute walk from the Marmaray Başak Station. It's also close to Kartal beach, easily accessible by taxi to E52 and the metro. You can find more detailed information by searching for "strawderi" on Google Maps.

If you have a certain number of participants outside the city, we can organize a workshop. However, you would need to arrange the location yourself, as, in an unfamiliar city, it can take a considerable amount of time to set things up. I usually bring my equipment and materials, conduct the workshop, and then return. If the distance is short and there is a suitable place to hold the workshop (with tables, chairs, appropriate temperature, and space for participants for 4-5 hours), I can consider driving to the location. I'm open to this idea. In fact, I recently went to Rize for a workshop. You can check Instagram Reels videos for reference.

But, I believe you can come to our workshop without the need for such arrangements. We have had participants from many cities across Turkey who attended our workshops. We even have participants from different countries.

5- Do you have a more advanced leather course? I want to join a continuous workshop, learn more comprehensively, produce my own products, and work alongside you. Can I attend a more extensive course with you?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. We do offer a more comprehensive course. You can check the details for the monthly comprehensive leather course.

Course Content for Monthly Comprehensive Leather Course:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Leather, Types of Leather, Materials, and Cutting Techniques Lesson 2: Sewing Techniques, Understanding Sewing Patterns, Using Different Punching Tools, Tulumba Press (Snap Fastener) Usage, Writing on Leather, etc. Lesson 3: Designing and Making a Cardholder or Pen Holder Lesson 4: Using a Press Machine with Templates for Product Manufacturing

6- I need to learn a lot; I will sell my leather products on Etsy, Amazon, and create my own website to sell products, etc.

That's a great plan! We recommend it, of course. Come and join our workshops. You can listen to our experiences and learn the technical aspects of the craft. The workshop content should be sufficient. After that, you'll need to design and create your own products, photograph them, and engage in business, which are all separate aspects.

You can at least learn how to produce the products to a certain level in this workshop. Whether you can sell the products depends on both the market and your commercial success. Our workshop content does not cover selling products, but we encourage you to attend as it's a great starting point.

7- We're thinking of this as a birthday gift for my partner, spouse, or friend.

Please come, you'll have a lot of fun. These activities can be very enjoyable for people who are interested. However, if you're not interested, keep in mind that hours of cutting, sewing, and crafting can be tiring, so consider that before attending.

8- My partner and I want to come, can't you organize a workshop just for us?

We can and we do. Some people bring their own drinks, and there is demand for this. As long as we agree on the date, it can be arranged. The cost might be slightly higher because there will be fewer participants. You can calculate it based on the general price. It's enjoyable both with a group and just the two of you, but I may be a little biased.

9- I make bags, and they have leather handles. Can you help me with that?

Of course, we can help. Come to the workshop; you can learn many things that will be beneficial to you.

10- Our team wants to attend the workshop.

Absolutely, come on in. It would be great! We just need to set a date.

11- Is it a difficult task? I'm not very skilled with my hands. Do the items we create belong to us? Do we need to bring anything with us when we come?

It's not an easy task, and I wouldn't recommend it if you're not interested. It's a hands-on activity that can be quite demanding, sitting at a table for hours, cutting and crafting. If you enjoy it, time flies by, and you won't even notice. If you have an interest, you can do it, don't worry. Everyone who has come so far managed to create something, even those who hadn't touched leather or a craft knife since elementary school. You don't need to bring anything with you; just coming to the workshop is sufficient. Yes, the items you create in the workshop belong to you.

12- What is the cost of the leather workshop?

The current fee keeps changing, so I'm providing a general estimate. On average, the fee is around $50 per person, and I've maintained the same fee for years. When I receive the payment, I confirm your registration for the selected date. I don't register without receiving the payment. You can think of it like a concert ticket. I use this method because the capacity is limited, and it has worked well. Fortunately, everyone shows up. I tried taking payment a few times and allowing registration without payment, but unfortunately, there were those who didn't show up, forgot, or made other plans. With this method, everyone shows up.

13- Should I buy a leather starter kit?

Whether you should buy a starter kit is something you should decide after experiencing the activity in person, creating your own leather product, and trying out the tools. Come and see for yourself. We can guide you and describe it before you make a purchase. There's no rush. Some tools are essential, some are not necessary, some are good to have, and some are optional. Starter kits can contain a variety of items. It's better to purchase after you've seen it in action.

14- I want to make a leather wallet. What type of leather should I buy?

You'll get the answers to these types of questions by participating in the leather cardholder making workshop we organize.

15- There are ready-made leather templates, wallet templates, and leather patterns for sale on the internet. Can we create our own leather templates?

You can create your own leather templates if you plan on doing mass production. Alternatively, you can create them if you enjoy it, that's also possible. Making a template starts with having a design. You'll need suitable leather for that design. The leather used in the template you find might not match your own leather or your crafting technique. My advice is to work on your own designs and gradually refine them with your own leather. If you really need a template, the process will lead you there; you can research and find a solution as needed.

16- Can we bring our child to the workshop? Is there an age limit? Are sharp cutting tools dangerous for children? What do you think about this?

First and foremost, we cannot allow participants under the age of 18 to attend the workshop without parental supervision. If someone under 18 wants to participate, we admit them with the condition that the accompanying person takes full responsibility. If you trust your child to use objects like craft knives and hammers, you can bring them. Recently, a 9-year-old friend and his father joined us, and they had a great time. Of course, we have to be extra cautious in such cases. We also organize workshops specifically for parents and children, which are simplified and safer. You can call for more information on this.

In addition, we have participants in the workshop sign a commitment form stating that they are responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of sharp cutting tools and that we will publish the photos taken during the workshop.

17- I want to make handmade leather bags and wallets. Do you have leather wallet templates, leather bag patterns, or leather bag making PDFs available?

We don't recommend buying leather wallet templates, leather bag templates, or leather bag making patterns, to be honest. We discuss this in much more detail during the workshop. But to summarize, it's something you shouldn't decide until you have attended and personally experienced the craft, designed your own products, and seen how the templates and patterns fit into the process.

18- What are the takeaways at the end of the workshop?

At the end of the workshop, you'll have created a beautiful handmade leather cardholder. This will help you understand if this craft is for you and what you need. You'll develop a hobby, learn what you need, and create a roadmap for obtaining materials. Most importantly, you'll gain an understanding of how handmade leather products are made. That's the goal of the workshop, not necessarily to create products or have them created for you.

For questions and registration, you can call or contact me on WhatsApp at +90 545 429 86 99 (Mert).

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